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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. How do I download it? However, it can also be played right on your computer via an Android emulator, like Bluestacks! Just go here to get the files and follow exactly like the instructions from the videos below, from the start all the way to the end! Plants vs. Need help beating levels? This mod is heavily strategy-based! As such, it is best that you try the level yourself, keep brainstorming new strategies and find out what you did wrong in the process.

Plants vs. Zombies: Suburbia Defenders/Zombies

As a beginner, if you're really stuck on a level, feel free to use the wiki as a guide! It will also help you avoid having silly ideas and get better at strategizing on your own! Shuffleboard 2.

pvz wiki zombies

If the latter, please contact a wiki administrator. Rules "We don't have a long list of rules or complicated staff moderation or bot managing, but we use gentlemen rulesdon't go over the top of that. Categories :. Zombies 2 made by goodpea2 and Mine Powerwhich mainly features the balancing of plants via the new plant tiering system!

Along with brand new challenging and unique levels, the mod aims for a redesigned version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 that requires you to think before planting! Your journey will be completely unaffected with microtransactions! But that's not all, it is also filled with new mechanics, new game modes, and some plants and zombies that you have never seen before! Good luck! Player's House. Ancient Egypt. Lost City.Zombies are reanimated, mindless, decaying corpses with a hunger for human brains.

They are the main antagonists of Plants vs. Zombiesas the objective of the game is to prevent them from eating the player's brains.

Zombies, like their defensive counterparts the plantsare varied in strength as well as speed, and command unique aspects which must be countered appropriately. The zombies' almanac section on PopCap Games ' website some zombies are not included. All the zombies some zombies are behind the Gargantuar and Giga-gargantuar.

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Plants vs. Zombies Wiki:Zombies

Zomboss Plants vs. A Pattern 2 messages. A pattern has been made at this almanac? Theres are two zombies appearing at the same level. Well, except for yeti zombie that needs to be p I noticed that back in One question: Why is he just in the online, and why doesn't he be in a minigame at least?

Yami 1up. Categories :. Moves slightly faster and signals a huge wave incoming. Can be customized with the Zombatar feature on versions that have it, excluding the Nintendo DS version. Headwear zombie uses a traffic cone to protect itself. Pole Vaulting Zombie. Vaulting zombiesingle jump, jumps over the first plant it encounters with a pole.

Headwear zombie has a bucket that is extremely resistant to damage, but attractable by a Magnet-shroom. Newspaper Zombie. Shield zombie, moves slowly at first, moves twice as fast and grunts after its newspaper is destroyed.

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Screen Door Zombie. Shield zombie, is not affected by Snow Peas and other plants in the peashooter family unless the screen door is removed. Screen doors can be taken away by Magnet-shrooms. Headwear zombievery durable, moves fast.

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Helmet can be taken away by Magnet-shroom. Dancing Zombie. Dances as it walks, summons Backup Dancers. Previously had an appearance similar to that of Michael Jackson.Plants vs. It's general design is similar to that of Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and Plants vs.

Zombies 3. The zombies led a big charge toward the Tree of Wisdom, one of the plants's major defenses. The plants underestimate the attack, and the Tree of Wisdom spreads it's seeds before getting destroyed by the zombies. The seeds scatter in the wind, and unfortunately get in Dr. Zomboss's grasp. He realizes the seeds contain ancient energy and extracts this energy to make their army more powerful.

The plants notice that the only way to defeat Zomboss is to get equal in power. However, the only source of power they knew about were the stories of Power Mints, and they were always considered legends and myths-but are they really? The plants must uncover the truth and get to the Mints before the zombies do if they wish to foil Dr. Zomboss's new plan and save Neighborville. Zombies Legends features an open world for the players of the game to explore. Lots of areas in the game can be accessed by walking, jumping, sprinting, and using other skills.

You can learn more skills as you progress in the game, allowing you to access areas you were unable to access before. There is lots to do in the game, but to progress in the game, with the plot, you have to complete Quests assigned to you in the area to progress. To receive quests, you have to talk to the Taskmaster in the area.

Plants vs. Zombies Legends

The Taskmaster gives you the quests, and the quests are like levels. During Quests, you have to complete the quest's goal to complete the quest. You have to also be careful, as there are also enemies, and if they defeat you lower your health to zeroyou lose. You can use Items to assist you in battle if needed, with each item being unique.

You can also use Foodstuffswhich usually give status effects or heal you. However, if you use all your Foodstuffs, you'll have to get more by cooking, brewing, or finding more.Zombies serve as the main antagonist for the mobile game Plants vs. Zombiesa horde of the undead focused solely on invading the home of the player character and eating their brains. Little is known of their origin, however they were created by Dr. Zomboss to take over the entire planet. As the game progresses, Zomboss sends in onslaught after onslaught of the undead into the garden through day and night, even attacking from the roof, until Zomboss himself leads a coordinated attack against the player while summoning a wide variety of different undead.

This ultimately fails, however, and Zomboss is defeated, yet the Zombies return for more in other games, even taking the protagonist role in I, Zombie.

To combat the super-powered plants that defend the main household from them in the front lawn, the zombies come with a variety of different weapons and abilities, anywhere between dancing zombies that can summon a host of backup dancers to attack from all angles, or gigantuars that easily trample over even the strongest Cherry Bombs.

However, they are weak in that they are mindless and lack coordination. The city lies ruined and desolate, with fires raging and the stench of death lingering in the air. When the Green Flu Virus hit the United States nobody was prepared and many died in the initial waves of infected. However soon the military and ordinary civilians began to strike back and while things were still firmly stacked against them there was a sense of optimism and hope that the crisis could be solved. It was only a few months after the Green Flu Virus when new zombies began appearing.

They were slower than the Infected but better organised and soon the military found itself besieged from both sides by two wildly different infected and were forced to pull out, leaving civilians to fend for themselves against the raging hordes.

pvz wiki zombies

Many cities have fallen to one of the two undead masses but despite this the apocalypse is still in its infancy and as they move ever closer to each other until the new zombies eventually find themselves trudging into a city already in the grip of the Green Flu Virus. The largest concentration of either group is about to come into direct conflict and whoever wins this battle will surely be the one to go on to finish off Humanity.

Regular troops will not be represented by colours as it would be too time consuming. The massive zombie horde shuffles through the city, their groans echoing in the vast expanse. The more specialised zombies are not with them and it is up to the regular zombies to make the initial attack, as instructed by Dr.

There are hundreds of Infected individuals in the area, leaning on walls, stumbling around and some are even sitting down, as if they have been drawn to this space by something. The zombies are unaffected by the development and the two forces crash into each other and start attacking.

The initial charge is devastating for the zombies and the first lines and bowled over and stamped on by the mindless raging legs of the infected but as the battle settles down into trading blows it becomes apparent that the Infected are struggling.

Suddenly a roar echoes out and a pair of Chargers rushes from out of nowhere. They latch onto the first zombie they make contact with and bowl through any other zombies in their way, leaving two lines weaving through the horde. The Chargers then slink around the horde, swinging at individual zombies with their giant right arms while they ready their energy for another charge.

The Chargers seem to open the flood gates for the other special infected and Boomers, Smokers, Jockeys and Spitters soon join the fray. The Spitters keep their distance, sending globs of acid into the zombie hordes, burning through the soles of their feet and melting them from below. The Smokers also keep far away from the fighting, where they can drag their chosen targets away from the fighting to kill them. The Boomers immediately start spewing their bile over large groups of zombies, attracting more infected from the city to attack the drenched victims.

Doctor Zomboss watches on a giant screen from many miles away as his zombie horde slowly starts being put on the back foot by the infected. He grimaces as the Chargers make another dash through the zombies, bowling over more of his minions, who struggle to get back up under the relentless attacks of the infected mobs.

Sensing the time is right he gives the order for his own specialised creations to join the fight and they make their way towards the city battleground. Meanwhile in the side streets, the zombies that split off from the main horde are having an easy time picking off the few infected that remain. A loud growling turns the head of one such group and as they look around a screeching roar sounds out and a pair of hoodie wearing Hunters leap from the rooftops, landing on two of the zombies.

They proceed to rip their guts out viciously but one of them is pulled off by the other zombies before he can finish the job. He pushes away the other zombies and circles around them, slashing at them with his claws while waiting for an opening. His companion soon joins him and as another couple of zombies fall to brain damaging slashes they jump onto the remaining pair of zombies and begin tearing away. Engrossed in their attack, neither of them notices a pickaxe and miner helmet poking up from underneath the ground and a Digger Zombies jumps out of the ground and steadies himself behind one of the Hunters.Zombies are reanimated, mindless, decaying corpses with a hunger for human brains.

They are the main antagonists of Plants vs. Zombies 2as the objective of the game is to prevent them from eating the player's brains. Zombies, like their defensive counterparts the plantsare varied in strength as well as speed, and command unique aspects which must be countered appropriately.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For other uses, see zombies. Stiff - Takes 6. Basic - Takes 5. Hungry - Takes 3. Speedy - Takes 2. Flighty - Takes 0. Toughness Rates: Fragile - Absorbs damage per shot. Average - Absorbs damage per shot. Solid - Absorbs damage per shot. Protected - Absorbs damage per shot. Dense - Absorbs damage per shot. Hardened - Absorbs damage per shot. Machined - Absorbs damage per shot. Great - Absorbs damage per shot. Undying - Absorbs damage per shot. Ultra-Undying - Absorbs damage per shot.

Day 1 Camel Zombies Protected per zombie sign zombie Creeper shared slowing Arrives in a group of three zombies or more.

Plants vs. Zombies: World Tour

In Pirate Seas, sometimes fails doing so and falls on the sea. Day 26 Prospector Zombie Average Stiff Appears on the left side of the player's lawn when its dynamite explodes, then walks backwards. Day 13 Rodeo Legend Zombie Hardened Speedy Smashes a plant and launches his zombie rider past most of your defenses.

Day 1 Lost Pilot Zombie Solid Basic Drops in past defenses, stays midair, eats what's below him, and eventually will start walking forward. His shovel makes him invulnerable to straight projectiles.

Day 4 Parasol Zombie Protected Solid in-game Hungry Protects herself and zombies behind her from lobbed shots by deflecting them with her parasol. Drops the zombie upon death. The tent then spawns basic, conehead and buckethead zombies.

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Day 23 Turquoise Skull Zombie Solid Basic Tries to steal sun and burns plants four tiles in front of him with his skull.Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Average Basic Tutorial Conehead Zombie His traffic cone headpiece makes him 3 times as tough as normal zombies. Crushes plants with sarcophagus, throws Imp Mummy when damaged enough.

Steals sun. Appears in groups of 3 or more. Instantly burns plants it touches. Creates tombstones. Speeds up when sarcophagus is destroyed. Fires missiles at plants and creates tombstones, charges down lanes, destroying all plants and zombies in those lanes.

Crushes plants with shark, launches Imp Pirate Zombie when damaged enough. Lands 4 tiles into the lawn. Flies over watery gaps and low plants. Barrel crushes plants and releases Imps when destroyed.

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Shoots Imps onto the lawn, and explodes into a shower of Imps if not destroyed quick enough. Sends out it's Parrot to steal plans. Steals plants. Rains down Imps, charges down lanes, destroying all plants and zombies in those lanes. Crushes plants with brand, throws Bull Rider Imp when damaged enough. Lands behind your plants when it's dynamite explodes. Has a chance to be wearing a metal grate under it's poncho. Releases Zombie Chickens when damaged enough. Fragile Flighty Wild West - Day 6 Piano Zombie His rolling piano crushes plants while his music causes zombies to dance and switch lanes.

Piano crushes plants and makes Cowboy Zombies dance and rapidly change lanes. Launches Bull Rider Imp when it comes to a plant. Launches multiple missiles at once, charges down lanes, destroying all plants and zombies in those lanes. Can temporarily float over plants. Crushes plants with saw-staff, has twice as much health as a normal Gargantuar, doesn't throw an Imp. Swings it's hammer every so often to reflect straight projectiles. Becomes faster after drinking potion.

Average Basic, then Hungry. Pulls all plants in it's lane to the right. Carries a bomb that explodes after a certain amount of time.Zombies are reanimated, mindless, decaying corpses with a hunger for human brains.

They are the main fighters of Plants vs. Zombies Heroesas the objective of the game is to defeat the opposing hero. Zombies, like their counterparts the plantsare varied in strength, health, and have unique abilities. Superpower Trick.

pvz wiki zombies

The following is a list of every zombie that appears in this game with their characteristics. To see more of each zombie, click on the link that takes to the zombie page. When revealed: Freeze a Plant. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For other uses, see zombies. How I wish I was discussion moderator. My plan was to wait New thread please.

Batty Gatty. Categories :. Super Brainz. Slammin' Smackdown.

Plants vs. Zombies 3 - Beginning series. New Plant. New Zombie. New Game (Ep.1)

Heroic Health Possessed Galvanize. Triple Threat.


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